Hema Malini And Anurag Thakur cleaning the parliament- Is it a Publicity Stunt?

BJP MPs cleaning Parliament Premises
BJP MPs cleaning Parliament Premises

Today BJP MPs including minister of state (finance) Anurag Thakur were seen taking part in Swatch Bharat Abhiyan in parliament premises.

Swatch Bharat Abhiyan is a mission run by the government of india whose aim is to clean roads, parks and infrastructure of India’s cities, towns and rural areas. It also aims at making India ‘Open Defecation Free’ by 2nd October 2019, the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The campaign was officially launched on 2nd October 2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi by PM Narendra Modi.

On Saturday veteran actress Hema Malini also took part in Swatch Bharat Abhiyan and was seen with Anurag Thakur and other MPs cleaning the parliament premises. Hema Malini is an Indian actress, writer and politician who made her debut in acting in 1962 in film “ITHU SATHIYAM”.

It was also one of the trending topics on twitter and many people tweeted for mocking them on social media. In the viral video Hema Malini and Anurag were seen cleaning the already cleaned street. They were criticized by the people on social media and this act of them was called Publicity Stunt. Hema hold the broom as guitar as it was not even touching the road properly and her focus was on camera not on the broom. Her companion in this Anurag was mocked for cleaning the same paper repeatedly and then that same paper was cleaned by Actress turned politician Hema Malini.

Twitter was flooded with tweets of people mocking and criticizing Hema Malini. Here are some funny tweets:-


Some people complimented her acting through this act of cleaning the road.

Hema is not appreciated as an MP by the people. People have complaints regarding her attendance at the parliament. Right now her act is completely considered as publicity stunt and her efforts of making her image as a social worker in the society are totally futile.



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